Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller's Fundraiser

Protect threatened human rights activists during the Coronavirus!

Join me in donating to Peace Brigades International

$225 towards $2,500

Two decades ago I worked as a field volunteer with Peace Brigades International, accompanying Colombian human rights workers and community leaders under threat of extermination. It was a transformative experience and I'm still involved with PBI.

The PBI model is built around the physical accompaniment of civil society activists. The Coronavirus crisis has presented serious challenges to this protection strategy. But PBI won't give up on our counterparts in places like Colombia, Honduras, and Kenya. PBI field teams continue to maintain regular contact with those people - many of whom are facing increased repression in the current context - while strengthening support from international political networks.

The overall goal of this fundraiser is modest: $7,500. Please join me in showing some love for the teams of international volunteers who are working in conflict zones, now under quarantine.